Valli Unite

All of us have a connection to where we were born, but few of us show it in the way that three young Italian lads, who wanted to reconnect with the land that had raised them did to create the Valli Unite.

Set in the rolling hills of Piemonte where the world is covered by a green blanket of fertility, it is perhaps easy to understand why the founders felt so strongly about preserving the land’s natural state. It is an area that also happens to be near-perfect for winemaking.

The idea was at once simple and at the time revolutionary, to create a self-sustaining farming cooperative that shunned modern farming methods, including the use of herbicides fungicides and pesticides in favour of those that reduced the human impact on the land. This meant organic, artisan, farming before it was really a thing. A large part of this vision of self-sufficiency was winemaking. For Valli Unite natural vinification is instinctive. How the land is treated and what ends up in the bottle are intrinsically linked, so much so they are one and the same, as they state, “Natural vinification has been the consequence of our nature, in the belief that wine has the expression of our land, the flavour of our white clay, the sense of being farmers.”

Commercial interests seem to be very low on the list of priorities at Valli Unite, as they state “We don’t want to get rich, we simply want to maintain a high quality of life.” (An enviable philosophy). As such the wines of Valli Unite are unbelievably well priced - rich, deep reds that reflect the rolling hill of Piemonte where they were born, whites imbued with a delicate florality so precise you can picture a wildflower fluttering in a warm Italian breeze, and a range of sparkling wines that are already passing into the realms of legend.

Even in the world of natural wine, it is rare to come across winemakers who are so committed to a totally holistic view of farming and as a result, can create wines that truly reflect the land and the varieties they come from.