Credit Vin Natuur Wine Bar € 500

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The amount of money you invest equals the bar credit you receive. So, basically by prefunding your future Vin Natuur nights while you help us with opening up the space that we’re currently working on.

With this money we will pay furniture, light plan, glassware, wine suppliers, an extra toilet, a fresh paint job, and window signage for the future shop and so on.

€ 500 Voucher: € 500 in bar credit, a cozy sweater, Invitation to our grand opening & € 50 free bar credit on top of your € 500

Want to help us out? Head to our store or shoot us an e-mail at with the amount that you want to help us out with and you’ll receive a unique code which is connected to your bar credit and more information on the opening and your exclusive perks!

Or buy it directly through our website, please select pick up at shop and we'll send you unique code that is connected to your bar credit. 

The voucher can be used at our bar and for all bar related events. Check out our Instagram and website on crowdfunding related news and progress concerning the Vin Natuur Wine Bar!

Together, let's pour dreams into reality! 🥂


Vin Natuur.